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Lake and Pond Hydro-Raking

Mechanical Weed and Unconsolidated Organic Removal


Lake Management Sciences specializes in mechanical weed and unconsolidated organic removal on lakes and ponds which is a highly effective management option.



The Hydro-Rake is described as a “Raking of aquatic vegetation and unconsolidated organics”. The equipment can operate in shallow water (less than 2 feet) and it can work to depths of 12 feet. The Hydro-Rake is successful at removing plants, hummocks, roots and emergent shoreline vegetation. The hydro-rake is operated from the water collecting plants and detritus with its various rake attachments.


Mechanical Harvesting:

Mechanical harvesting boats are engineered to cut and remove aquatic plants from targeted areas.  Harvested (cut) plants travel a conveyor belt, are placed in holding areas on the boat and ultimately transferred to the shoreline via a conveyor system. 

*Note: Harvesting may promote the re-growth and spread of milfoil and plants that propagate readily from fragments, thus it is not deemed appropriate for all waterbodies.

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