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Aeration and Fountain Systems

Lake Management Sciences is a leading aeration and fountain installation company in the tri-state area. LMS installed various systems such as, Solar, Surface Fountains and Sub Surface Aeration. 

LMS has a wide variety of systems available for your specific needs.


Fountains, Circulators, Bubblers, or Sub-Surface Aeration units are used to increase water circulation and the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. These techniques assist in the reduction of nutrient cycling from the bottom sediments into the upper lying water column. Results are improved water quality and limit algae growth.

Aeration Fountain Systems 5.JPG
  • Aeration Improves Water Quality

  • Helps Eliminate Excessive Algae

  • Enhances Fish Habitat 

  • Reduces the Accumulation of Bottom Sediment

  • Provides an Aesthetic Look

  • Decreases Mosquito Activity

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