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Rooted Aquatic Vegetation

Neglected and uncontrolled invasive nuisance aquatic vegetation interfere with water quality, aesthetics, fisheries, recreational uses, native plant habitat and ultimately lead to decreased property values.  By using the highest quality materials, specialized equipment and innovative scientific techniques, LMS provides effective programs and treatment regimes so you can enjoy your water resource.

Algae-Filamentous and Planktonic  (HABs- Harmful Algal Blooms)

Algal blooms and more recently HABs (harmful algal blooms-cyanobacteria) can grow out of control and produce harmful and toxic environments.  LMS has successful experience in combating these dynamic and detrimental aquatic populations.  Utilizing the most advanced technologies and products available, LMS remains a leader in the fight against HABs. 

Water quality, plant monitoring and early detection are vital tools. LMS prescribes to a proactive approach by managing your water body before algae and rooted plants overpopulate.  A healthy and  balanced ecosystem is our goal for your lake, pond or waterway. By implementing scientific based management programs, nuisance vegetation will be controlled and water quality improved and maintained.


Education is a key to our success.  Our highly trained and licensed aquatic biologists and technicians perform frequent inspections and environmentally sound management techniques to improve your:

  • Aesthetic Values

  • Natural resource

  • Water quality

  • Ecological balance

  • Fisheries

  • Aeration

  • Property Value

Procellacor Shohola Hanlon

*Shohola Marsh Reservoir, PA

Procellacor Shohola Hanlon

Click Photo Link to SePRO Video*Shohola Marsh Reservoir, PA





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